Family Dinners with Bison

Posted on 20 July 2017


Summer. It’s filled with parties and so many reasons to dine outside. We think that gathering with family and friends is the best part about summer, because schedules aren’t so jam packed and it always feels like there are more hours in the day. We also love incorporating bison into summer nights. Grilling bison burgers is most popular, for good reason, but there are many other cuts and ways of preparing bison that we encourage you to try! Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate bison into summer gatherings:

Flank Steak

Fresh seasonal vegetables are so easy to find in the summer. We love supporting our farmers and shopping local at Farmers Markets. To incorporate bison into a salad, we suggest grilling Flank Steak and thinly slicing it over your salad of choice. A Greek Salad is usually a crowd favorite, and the feta compliments the bison meat well.


We’re all about Bison Sausages. Serving a mixed Sausage Platter at your summer gathering means you’re giving guests the option to enjoy bison in a way that they please. Whether that means with sausage and peppers on a bun, or dipped into mustard sans bun or even cut up into a salad-- you have options. With so many dietary restrictions and preferences out there, we love giving guests, family and friends choices.

At our recent Family Dinner, we offered a platter of Beer Cheddar Brats, Jalapeno Cheddar Hot Dogs, Sage Breakfast SausageAndouille and Sweet Italian and Hot Italian sausages. We suggest serving the sausages with locally made sauces like B’More Saucy’s Bayside Pepper Sauce or Saucier Willie’s Strawberry Inferno Hot Sauce.


No, we don’t suggest bison for dessert! However, we have great locally made items in our Farm Store that go well with Vanilla Ice Cream, including: McAllan’s Toffee, Salazon Chocolate and Dean Ayres Honey.

Let us know what feasts you’re making this summer!

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