Get to know our Gunpowder Bison Team Member Robin Evick!

Posted on 30 August 2017

If you have visited our Farm Store this summer then you may have met the friendly, super helpful, Robin Evick. A Baltimore native, Robin is an avid camper and hiker, lives on a llama farm and is a master of the fiber arts including spinning, weaving and crocheting. We love getting to know each of our team members so we sat down with Robin to ask her a few fun questions!

What's your favorite bar/restaurant?
Do I have to pick just one? Friendly Farm, Mason Dixon, Woodfire Kitchen and definitely breakfast at Fill 'er Up!

What makes Gunpowder Bison special?

Of course the meat is fantastic and there is always a great selection of healthy cuts available in the farm store. But the thing that really stands out to me is the people at Gunpowder Bison. Everyone on the team is so nice and always happy to help! The focus is truly on making an excellent experience for our customer. Our customers are pretty great people too! I love chatting with you when you visit the store.

What is your favorite local item?

The Epic Sweet Pickles are fantastic, which we carry in our Farm Store.  

What is your favorite drink?

Iced tea ... any kind...year round.

What is your favorite place and/or trip?

Tent camping in the Shenandoah Mountains and hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail.

What is your favorite bison recipe?

I absolutely love fresh summer vegetables and this year my favorite lunchtime treat is a BLT (Bison, Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich. Paired with an ear of sweet corn and a bit of fresh mozzarella or goat cheese and you have quite the feast.

Robin’s BLT Recipe:

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