How to Choose a Cutting Board for Preparing Bison Meat

Posted on 06 September 2017

Preparing meat can be a difficult task, but with the right materials, you can ensure that your bison steaks come out perfectly. One thing that many meat eaters don’t consider when preparing a meal is the type of cutting board they use to slice the meat. When preparing bison meat, or any other type of meat for that matter, it’s important to choose the right board. You don’t want to use a cutting board that will harbor bacteria, and that you can’t easily clean. Let’s take a look at different features and materials available for cutting boards and analyze the pros and cons of each.

Essential Features to Look For:
No matter which material you choose, there are a few built-in features that are essential for preparing meat. You’ll want to look for a cutting board with a juice groove, which will catch all the blood from the meat and prevent it from getting all over your work surface. You’ll also want a non-slip edge, although a wet towel placed beneath the board while you are cutting can be used instead. If you plan to carry the meat from your work area to the cooking surface, you will also want to look for a cutting board with handles.

Choosing Materials:
There are a variety of materials to choose from, and they each have their merits and downsides.
Wooden Cutting Boards – Wooden cutting boards are a classic. Wooden cutting boards will cause less damage to your knives and are more environmentally friendly than plastic boards. Another positive is that if your board becomes damaged from your knives, you can simply sand down the surface and make it smooth again. However, wooden cutting boards are not dishwasher safe and do require regular oiling to keep them in good shape.
Plastic Cutting Boards – While plastic cutting boards are appealing because they are dishwasher safe, they also will harbor bacteria. The grooves your knife makes on the surface are difficult to clean, making them good environments for bacteria to grow. Plastic can also cause your knives to dull faster.
Glass Cutting Boards – Glass cutting boards are much easier to clean and disinfect than either wood or plastic, but unfortunately, the positives end there. The glass will damage your knives very quickly, and it’s hard to keep food from sliding all over the surface of the board.

If you’re choosy about the types of materials you use in your kitchen, you will appreciate the care and precision that goes into raising and preparing our bison meat at Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. You can purchase bison meat here, or visit our bison farm in Monkton Maryland. No matter how it gets to your table, we guarantee the quality of our delicious bison products.

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