• Bison Charcuterie, Pepperoni & Salame

Bison Charcuterie, Pepperoni & Salame

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Curing, while once the only way to preserve meats, has become a staple in culinary tradition. Our hand-crafted salame, pepperoni and other specialty meats are each crafted with their own unique curing process that honors a particular region of Italy. 

Pepperoni: A well-known classic favorite... but we'd wager you've never had pepperoni THIS flavorful. It's a must-try. 

Salame Casareccio: A rustic sausage also known as a hunter's sausage slightly sweet with fresh garlic and delicate red wine flavor.

Tuscan Finocchiona Salame: Originating in Tuscany, made with course chopped bison, flavored with wine, garlic and wild fennel seeds straight from the hills of Italy, which give this salame its distinctive sweet flavor and aroma. 

Salame Napoli: Originating in Campania, this salame is seasoned with hot paprika and chili peppers, slightly smoked, and studded with whole black peppercorns. 

Salame Felino: A slow-aged, ancient recipe from Italy, the "King" of salame has a dazzling flavor, rich with peppercorns, garlic and wine.  

Passita Dolce: A classic sweet sausage with simple spices.

Bresaola:  Air-dried salted bison, aged 2-3 months.  Spiced with juniper and cinnamon, this salame originated in the Alps of Northern Italy.  This salame is approximately 1.5 lbs.

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