If you’re a restaurateur, chef or grocer interested in serving bison, a healthy alternative to red meat, we offer wholesale opportunities. Being that Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. only sells our bison meat direct to restaurants, we would greatly appreciate your support of a local business. We would honor the opportunity to be able to provide locally raised, 100% all natural Gunpowder Bison. Our bison meat is antibiotic- and hormone-free as well as dry-aged. We have a loyal following and we would love to be able to offer them another great place in the area who serves Gunpowder Bison.

Contact: Robin Troy, Sales Manager
Email: robin@gunpowerbison.com
Phone: 443.933.0468

A sampling of restaurants in the mid-Atlantic region who serve Gunpowder Bison include:

  • Casa Mia’s
  • Cask & Grain
  • 1794 The Whisky Rebellion
  • Wit & Wisdom
  • Graul’s Supermarkets
  • Vito’s Café
  • The Charleston
  • Café Mezzanotte
  • Bluestone
  • David’s Natural Markets
  • Manor Tavern
  • The Still
  • Tavern 64
  • Woodfire Kitchen
  • Wilson’s Farm Market
  • Razorbacks
  • Rooftop Hot
  • City Café
  • Greenmount Station
  • P.A. Bowen Farmstead
  • Richardson Farms
  • Roots Clarksville
  • La Food Marketa
  • The Food Market
  • Garlic Poet
  • Café 1500
  • Troeg's
  • Iron Bridge Wine Company
  • Towson Marriott
  • Black Kettle 
  • SteelFire Kitchen & Bar
  • Uncle's Hawaiian Grindz

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